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Volunteer Help Needed

There is a whole world of population information available, and it would help the cause to make it readily available to the population-concerned.

There are many ways you can help, some of them with WOA!, some of them with other organizations. Or just by writing your congressperson.

For WOA!, which is not an organization, just a web publication, you can help in the one of the following ways:

  1. News Summarization Editors: Because making people aware of the problem is so-o-o important, WOA! focuses on getting as much population information on it's site as possible, We have an urgent need to gather news from around the world, summarize it, and put it on the web. If you have good written English skills, and a desire to learn more about population issues and to inform others, then this job is for you.

    To sign up for summarization, apply on the form at the left.

  2. Section Editor: WOA! has at least 20 sections, with more being added occasionally. See the left navigation bar for WOA!s various sections. A section editor would add news items, facts and figures, and essay submittals, as well as pertinent graphs and images, to his or her assigned section. The style of the section would be consistent with the rest of WOA!, but the arrangement of the section articles and links would be managed by the section editor. Prerequisites are some experience in WOA! News Summarization (#1 above), must be well-experienced in population/sustainability matters, and knowledge of (or ability to learn) basic, easy HTML. A good example of a Section that could be organized better is the Politics/Funding Section ... especially the bottom 2/3.
  3. Help Build a Population Dictionary: WOA!! has an online dictionary/encyclopedia but we don't advertise it as it is sadly lacking in definitions. You can help by researching population terms and providing definitions for them.
  4. Web Technical Help: WOA!! needs help with graphics, css, style sheets, and also charts and graphs. Contact (no need to fill out an application)
If you are interested in any of these positions (your reward will be self-satisfaction and the appreciation of WOA!s viewers), please sign up on the form at the left.

If you are interested in global overpopulation (over 95% of the world's population growth occurs in the third world), Population Connection would be the place to go.

Artists, Cartoonists, Photographers, Writers
We want the issue of overpopulation to be interesting to everyone. Nowadays dry words and statistics are not enough. We can use photos, cartoons, drawings and pictures, and text that grabs. There are plenty of material on the WOA web pages that needs artistic enrichment.

Anything depicting overpopulation or the effects of overpopulation.

Cartoon Ideas:

This would be an animated gif. The trees and animals would change one-by-one to houses, cars, factories, people.
More cartoon ideas

People of many lands. Also crowd scenes or other overpopulation ideas.

Graphs and Charts
Are you handy with Excel? A picture is worth a thousand words.

Email to:
Or U.S. mail to:

Article Summarization


Before you sign up, you must apply by filling out the form on the left. It normally takes up to a week for your application to be processed.

Once you have an account, you can start summarizing. I will ask you to go slow at first so I have a chance to check out your summarization. I will probably make some corrections at first - it's a learning process.

WOA!! now runs on an on-line system for summarization called Autosubmit. Click here to see a list of article to be summarized From that list, choose an article that you want to summarize, you will see a red arrow to the right of the article - at the end. Click on the arrow.

This should bring you to a log-on form. Just enter your userid and password which you entered on the application.

Click on GO.

This should bring you to the summarization form for the article that you choose. Please let me know if you have any problems.

Enter your summarization for the article in the box and when finished, click on the 'SUBMIT' button.

You should get a message saying the article has been submitted and what it would look on the web page. Please let me know if you need to make any corrections. Do not hit BACK to go back to make corrections.

Do as many articles (or as few) as you wish.

Why/How do we Summarize Population and Environmental News?

The News Digest, which is on the front page of WOA!! provides a large set of news items in summarized form for quick scanning by the population-concerned and by those who may be just newly aware to the problems and impacts of overpopulation.

In addition, the WOA!! News Digest and Archives provide a valuable research tool for those who want to check out certain facts or statistics on the environment, sustainability, population, or family planning.

If you would like to help WOA!! by summarizing news articles, it is important that you retain, for each article, important statistics and facts that researchers can use. Also look for opinions from respected researchers. Many of the links to news articles go dead after awhile, but WOA!! will still retain the news summaries.

When you summarize an article for WOA!!, one or two quotations are allowed, but please give the source of the information. Cite publications so viewers can go to the library and do more research. Copy a little, but paraphrase a lot, to avoid copyright infringement. Rearrange the order to emphasize sustainability and population. Shorten paragraphs by cutting out most descriptive words and hyperbole. Cut out unclear concepts or wordy explanations. Often the same thing will be said twice in the same article - combine or eliminate. Skip over the anecdotes or generalize from them.

PLEASE DO NOT ADD YOUR OWN INFORMATION OR OPINION except in the comment box. At any rate, I publish very few comments and there is no guarantee that I will publish them.

Thanks! I really appreciate your offer to help.

Karen Gaia Pitts . . .